We are interested to cooperate with our clients on a long-term basis. We understand that a combination of high quality legal advice and outstanding services forms the basis for long-term relationships. We therefore place the greatest emphasis on the quality of our legal advice. And we consider us as service providers. All members of our MeMo-Law team, whether lawyers or in support functions, are focused on delivering our services in the most efficient and effective way so that we are able to help our clients achieve their objectives.

What makes us different? Is there a specific value or benefit for clients in collaborating with us? The clear answer is yes: we combine the expertise of larger law firms with the benefits of boutique firms. That means for our clients:
  • You are always welcome to contact us: we consider you always as a preferred client, not depending on the size of a project or the amount of fees concerned.
  • You can expect an immediate reaction: we are flexible and likely not conflicted as a small firm: our conflict check will take minutes only.
  • You will receive high quality advice: we are specialized, we know what we do, and we have in particular specific industry experience. We understand your environment and your business objectives.
  • You will receive advice in areas in which we are not active: we are connected and we will obtain advice and expertise in law areas outside our core competences efficiently and cost effectively through a network of firms and lawyers who share our key value.
  • You will cooperate and communicate at any time with an experienced lawyer: partner involvement at any time is guaranteed.
  • You can expect a lawyer who understands communication requirements, large scale projects and even multi-jurisdictional transactions: most MeMo-Law partners have worked years for major international firms and are advising international clients on an ongoing basis.
  • You can contact us any time: you may reach us 24/7 on cell and by email.
  • You will receive cost efficient advice and services: our fee structure is transparent which we are happy to discuss with you.

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